At Furrytails we use positive reinforcement training methods using clicker training. Our puppy classes consists of a 6 week course in which we focus on:

Teaching you and your puppy basic obedience commands like Sit, Down, Stay, Loose
Leash Walking, Recalls etc.
Teaching you how to cope with behaviours like Jumping Up, Digging, Chewing etc.
Giving advice on all your puppy questions on topics like Housetraining.
Socialising your pup to other dogs and people as well as building their confidence to ensure
a well rounded happy adult dog.

All breeds of puppies from 8 weeks are welcome to join our classes. Even though 8 - 16 weeks are the ideal age to join Puppy School we do offer seperate classes for older puppies as well.

For more info on Puppy School times, dates and rates please contact us.
Furrytails Puppy School


Puppies are very open to imprinting at the age of 8 - 16 weeks and absorb everything around them like a sponge. This is why puppy school is so important during this critical age. Now is the time to teach them acceptable behaviour, because they are open to learning and have not learned any bad behaviour yet.

At around 16 weeks the brain has more or less completed its development and even though the dog can still learn, he will not be as open to things as in those early weeks. Most behaviour problems that dogs exhibit when older can be prevented if the dogs are properly socialised when puppies.

So act now while you have the power to change your dog’s behaviour for the better.
Puppy School